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Fencing is a sport of intelligence and strength and is more than a historical sport. Training the mind and body, fencing is an Olympic sport of mental agility, skill and physical power.


Hills Athletic Fencing Club runs the fencing program every day (excluding sunday) at The Swing Academy. HAFC is currently the #1 ranked fencing club in NSW with outstanding results in 2018. We aim to provide a world-class fencing training program in a safe, positive and respectful environment.


Why you should learn fencing?


Our Fencing Program is specifically designed for kids/adults to help them develop strength, coordination, balance and flexibility as well to improve their focus, self discipline, respect and self confidence!  


Fencing is an addictive sport which is also one of the fastest way to get fit and lose weight whilst having fun.



 The benefits of fencing are;

Improves overall fitness (aerobic ability, strength, coordination, speed and agility).

✓Helps with study in the form of increased concentration, discipline and mental toughness.
✓Builds self-confidence and self-esteem.
✓Improves memory and teaches planning and foresight
✓Increases competitiveness but good sportsmanship, respect for your opponent and fair play are taught as essential elements of the sport

Helps develop social skills, building friendships and teamwork.






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