The Swing Academy is a licensed Archery Tag provider


Archery Tag is a blend of long tradition and modern technology, a combination of physical ability and mental concentration. It helps with building self condifence, concentration, discipline and upper body strength.

Archery Tag® is the Original Extreme Archery brand.


Archery Tag is a highly energized combat game activity which will test your survival instincts, stamina, strength and skill ion a team based environment. Use your skill and strategy to defeat your opponents and savour the victory! 



We provide:
  • Experienced instructors.

  • Individual bows and foam-tipped arrows for each player.

  • Strategically placed targets and bunkers.

  • All necessary safety equipment including safety mask and arm guards.

  • Sound knowledge that your archery experience will be fun, professional and safe.

  • All classes are indoors so wet weather will not be an issue.

The structure:

  • Video introduction to game play and rules of Archery Tag.

  • Q & A and helpful tips.

  • Instructions and tuition on how to use bow and shoot and arrow.

  • 1st game of free-play and practice

  • Game play - League and Elimination game options.

Programs available include kids and adults Archery Tag game suitable for kids 9 + to adults.


S.A.F.E Archery suitable for kids 7 - 9 years.


Experience isn’t necessary as full training and tuition will be provided.

Please note that a minimum of 10 players are required to play game. Bookings are essential.



S.A.F.E. Archery